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Easter project

Hi Lovely year 3

Our next project is about canals.  I know this doesn't sound very interesting but there is loads of work that you can do relating to this topic.


I've included some power points and facts about how the canals were built and why they were built.


I would like you to make a scrap book, power point or fact file about the canals.  Think about how they were used over 100 years ago and how they are used today.  


What is the name of the canal that runs through Hemel Hempstead?  Where does it start and end?

Think about the wildlife and uses for the canal.  Try and find out why canals have locks and how they are used.  Can you find me a picture of what the key looks like?


During your daily walk you might want to visit the canal and take some pictures.  There are also plenty of signs that it is Spring outside so why not paint, draw or sketch some flowers or trees.


I've also included links to an art and music project.


Please keep in touch and keep sending me your work on:


Mrs Byrne