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1st July 2020

Dear Year One,

Welcome to July!  The best month as it's my birthday soon! 

Check your Sports Week challenge for today yes

I would like you to have your story in front of you today and for you to check it against our writing rules:

Capital letters

Finger spaces

Full stops

Neat handwriting

Read it so you know it makes sense

Make sure you can tick each rule!  Then I would like you to pick a word in your story and improve it.  If you've written nice (oh no!  Mrs Stokley doesn't like that word!!  It's boring! frown) can you make it better?  Amazing, gorgeous, brilliant....You can ask a grown-up to borrow their phone/Ipad/tablet and ask Siri for a synonym for your word. A synonym is a word that has the same meaning but is different e.g. big and enormous.  Or can you think of a better word yourself?  Improve a describing word in your story.

Maths is loaded below for you.

Take care,

Mrs Stokley smiley


Wednesday Maths.pdf.mp4

Still image for this video