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 13th May 2020

Dear Year One

I would like you to watch the story again with the lovely music by James Manson.  Here is the link:  Can you remember what happened at the beginning of the story, in the middle and then at the end?  See if you can pick out the most important bits and tell someone in your family.  Or if you wanted to, you could draw the beginning, middle and end parts out, like a comic strip or cartoon to help you. 

We will come back to this tomorrow as you are going to write your own story. How exciting!

Your maths is loaded up here.  Please do not feel you have to do all the questions on the slide or print anything out.  Just pick 4 or 5 questions to do.  However, if you would like to challenge yourself and do them all - then go ahead! 

I look forward to seeing your work.

Mrs Stokley smiley 




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