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Monday 29th June

Hello and a good morning to you.


I hope you are enjoying the weather and are happy and learning where ever you are.  This week we will be continuing our work on the Dream Giver and Maths will take on the theme of sports as in school this week is Sports Week (with a socially distanced twist).


Please check the Sports day link to complete the daily activities.


English - Today I would like you to watch the film again and think about the Shadow Serpent Creature from the story,  Can you describe what he looks like?  Think about the size and shape of his claws, his eyes, his fangs full of venom.  You can make up your own creature or use the ones below to describe  it.  Make sure you pick out features – eyes, skin, talons/claws, wings, tail, teeth etc. (approximately 6-8) and use expanded noun phrases and  similes to describe. Think about how similies work for example- The monster’s eye was a chipped emerald glinting evilly in the darkness. - is much more effective than The monster’s eye was round like a football.

In Maths look at the powerpoint and compare your height with the height of the athletes.  Look at the picture of the track - where are the Maths?  Watch Ussain Bolt win the world record.  What Maths do you think that you need to do to be a world champion.  There's also a times tables sheet so you keep up those skills too!  I hope you enjoy it!