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1st April 2020

Morning Year One

How are you today? 

Can you remember the author, Mini Grey who came to our school last year?  Well she is reading one of her books on-line and I wondered if you might like to listen?  Here is the link:

Let me know what you think of the story.

I have a lovely bunch of daffodils on my table.  I have added a photo of some daffodils for you to see.  Can you have a go at drawing them?  Are they all yellow or different tones of yellow?  Are there any other colours present?  Maybe you could have a go at describing them?  Some words you could use in your sentence could be- tall, elegant, sunny...Can you challenge yourself with an 'and'.  The daffodils are.... Or maybe you would prefer to write a poem?  I have loaded up an acrostic poem. Remember you have to start each line with the next letter in the word DAFFODIL.  Have a go!

I have also put some maths on the website and will put some more phonics onto Purple Mash for you.

Enjoy your day!

Mrs Stokley



Daffodil photos