Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together



Good morning everyone. I hope you are well smiley


Today is April Fool's Day- can you find out about it? What is it? See if you can find 3 facts out about it. 


I went to school yesterday and looked after some children- it wasn't the same without you allsad 


Yesterday, I was sent an amazing video of Elsa telling the story of The Three Little Pigs with props! Cory sent me a picture with lots of shapes he had found. Oliver made macaroni cheese (and spilt cheese everywhere!!) Anastasia has sent me a video of her Lego model she has built. Antonia has sent me a picture of her number sentences! And I can see lots of you have been on Purple Mash to play the games I have set for you. 

I know you are all doing some great learning at home, so well done everyone smiley (well done Mummy/Daddy/ Grandparents!) 


Today's challenge is to make the three little pigs houses. Remember one was made from straw, one was made from bricks and one was made from....??

See if your mummy/daddy has a wolf (hairdryer) so you can test how strong your houses are!!


I would also like you to look around and take photos of 3D shapes you can see around your house. Make sure you count the sides and the faces on the shapes. 



Extra Activities: 

1. Get yourself dressed and try to do all buttons by yourself. 

2. Help make lunch or dinner. Count how many people are eating and check you have enough plates etc.

3. Sing the days of the week song (from YouTube can you write them down in the correct order??


I'm at school again today, so I will speak to you tomorrow.


Bye for now, 


Miss Courtnell