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Tuesday 5th January

Good morning Year 3,

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas. This wasn't how I saw Spring term starting but I know that you will all try your best.

I have set some work for you to do today and I look forward to seeing your favourite Christmas memory drawings.

Love from

Miss Waterhouse, Miss Varney and Miss Fahy

My Favourite Christmas Memory

Your first task is to draw a picture of your favourite Christmas memory. You may want to write a sentence or two about your memory or you can just draw a picture.

Once you have finished it, you can take a picture and email it to


Below is a powerpoint, that contains an investigation for you to do today. How many possible answers will you find?


Remember you also have access to times table rockstars and also karate cats-



Today you will be designing your own Roman shield.

Look through the powerpoint at the different Roman shields and then use the design sheet to design your own shield.

There are some links in the powerpoint that I have put below: