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Karl Nova - Rhythm and Poetry week 2

I'm sure you remember Karl's poems from the week before half term - they've got a strong rhythm/rap style.

This week we'll have a think about the different things he writes about and then write our own poem.

In today's lesson I've given you three different poems to read.  Each poem shows something different that poets could write about.

The City of my Birth (this has got lots of pictures of what he can see)

The Puddle (this describes a story/something that happened)

Peer Pressure (this describes an issue)


This week I would like you to make a poetry journal - it's your chance to record your ideas while reading or thinking about poetry.  You can sketch, draw, write words, write sentences or write poems.

I would like you to start by recording your response to the three poems you just heard or read:

What pictures did Karl describe in The City?  Could you draw them? Write about them? Write your own descriptive poem of your town?

What story did he tell in the puddle?

What issue is in peer pressure?  What issues might you write a poem about?


Exactly how you use the journal is up to you but think about the poems and then show your thinking.

What could a poetry journal look like?

Still image for this video


Week by week this half term, we're going to recap some of the key learning we've done in Year 5.  This week we're going to look at place value and number and there's a booklet below with lots of questions.  Each day I'll suggest you do a particular page of the book, but there's nothing to stop you doing more!


Today, I'd like you to look at number partitioning (page 3) and writing numbers in words and numbers (page 9).  There's a video to help you if you look back at the webpage for this week).