Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Good morning everyone!

I hope that you had a really lovely Christmas and I am so sorry not to be seeing you this morning, but you are safe at home and that is good. We will still be able to learn together and I know that we will have fun even though we are learning in a different way.


Today we are going to start our day with some reading. I would like you to go onto the website Oxford Owl and complete this noughts and crosses activity. The link to the site and the login details are on the sheet. Choose one of the books I have chosen on the sheet, enjoy reading it and then answer do the activites for this book. Have fun! 


After you have done this we will go on to do our Maths, which will be coming soon.

See you again later!

Mrs Cavender smiley


Did you enjoy your reading? I wonder which book you chose...


In Maths today we will be learning about money. You will need to find some coins at home, find as many different different coins as you can. Can you find at lease one of each different coin? Now have a go at the Maths activity.


While we are not at school I would like you to keep learning to spell the tricky words, just like we do at school. I am putting your very own special workbook on here for you today. Practise your spelling every day using your very best handwriting and remember to join your letters of you can! Try to do a page every week.


Every day I would also like you to do an active challenge because we all need to keep our bodies busy! Keeping active is really important, especially when you can't et outside as much as you usually do. Today follow Joe Wickes sharing his best 5 moves!


Have a lovely day and I will see you all tomorrow for some more learning and fun!

Mrs Cavender smiley