Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Tuesday 21st

Good Morning Year 4


It was great to hear from some of you yesterday.  I have been learning to blog! What have you been learning that you didn't know before?  I may even be recording my voice by next week so you can listen and imagine we are back in school.


For English today, I have attached a picture with some questions from Pobble called the Magic Biscuits.  I would like you to read the questions and use your imagination to write a paragraph about what happened to the dogs.  You can change the dogs to something else and draw your own picture if you prefer.  Remember to check capital letters and punctuation.


Please read Chapter 2 of Firebird and answer the questions on the character of Ivan.


In Maths I would like you to complete one of the activity mats and if you would like to do more I have attached another Maths mystery as I know a couple of you already completed the one from yesterday.  


I have also attached a few more websites I have been exploring with different activities.  I particularly enjoyed the Maths defender game and the Geography one, where I am working on improving my score on country locations.  


Stay in touch and stay safe.


Mrs Hobbs