Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Lovely to see some of you this morning! So sorry if you did not manage to get into the meeting - it crashed at my end! We will try again tomorrow. Have a good day and if you do want to ask me anything, just email at

This morning we will be having a Zoom registration at 10am and I hope that I will see you all there! At registration, I will tell you about our learning for today and you can ask questions to make sure that you understand what you need to do for today's learning.


If you have missed registration, don't worry, I am going to tell you about our learning today here.


Over the next few weeks we are going to learning all about traditional tales - you may know about these as fairy tales. Today I have given you an ebook of Jack and the Beanstalk to read and enjoy. As you listen, try to imagine the story in your mind's eye - turn on the TV in your head! Once you have read the story, you can make some puppets of the characters and spend some time retelling the story. Remember to use your best story telling voice and with lots of expression. Can you give the giant a big booming voice? Maybe Jack's mummy will sound a bit cross and grumpy!


Maths, will be more learning about money. Can we find the total by counting in 10s and 1s. Perhaps you can count in 5s as well. 


Please keep practising the spelling and handwriting from yesterday. Ask an adult to test you on the words you learnt yesterday. Maybe you can spot the tricky bits in a word so that it is easier to remember. Try it out!


I will be seeing you again to ask how your have got on. Remember the learning pit - it you are stuck are there things that you can do to help you? 


Your active challenge today is to get better at balancing! How long can you balance on one leg and one hand, balancing with one leg in the air, on your head, can you find your own amazing balances? Ask someone to take a photo of you!


Have a super day! smiley

Mrs Cavender