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So I have already received some excellent news reports from yesterday's task.  Remember that the bbc bitesize link is still there if you need help at any point with the features of a news report.  However, today I would like something slightly different from you.  It will still lead towards our aim of writing a news report but we are going to go in a different direction first.


I would like you to watch the following video:


it is a little bit creeeeeepy!


Watch it once just to enjoy it.  Then I would like you to imagine that you are stood on the top of the cliffs and saw the whole thing unfold.  Think about where you are and what you might see.  You couldn't possibly see what's happening in the car from the top of the cliffs so only describe what you would actually witness.  Consider the environment: 


- hot and humid

- is there a wind

- are you exhausted from the climb?

- was your view blocked by rocks at some point?


How would these elements impact your view of what happened?  Would you see everything accurately from where you are or would some details change?


Write a detailed report (two or three paragraphs) to explain what you saw from the top of the cliffs.


I saw some fantastic evidence of the maths work yesterday so I thought that I might give you an opportunity to have a go at some similar problems.


1. Michaela has a favourite number.

It is a 3-digit number.

It is odd.

It has a digit sum of 17.


Write 10 possible numbers it could be.


2. The numbers in a Venn diagram have been sorted according to particular rules.

Work out the rule for each set, and then write an extra number in each section of the Venn diagram.


35      18     5      20      40      24     64      32     25      100      36     9      81     49

Where would the numbers go on the Venn diagram and what would the rules be?  Is there more than one set of rules that could work?


Send me pictures of you drawing it out and give each part of the diagram a title.