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Main and subordinate clauses.

Some sentences are simple.  Other sentences can have two parts of information as they use a conjunction.  In this lesson you will start by looking at which clause from the sentence could be a sentence on it's own (main clause) and which couldn't be a sentence on it's own (subordinate clause).  Then you'll have a practise while you describe the ship from the video EVOL.

Subordinate clauses

Still image for this video

Worksheets - first page is to identify subordinate clauses, second is to think about vocabulary to use, last one is an example you could magpie ideas from.

Area or grid model of multiplication.

This works just like written multiplication but helps you think about place value.  Even if you don't find it easy at first, have a good careful think about how it works.

ART Challenge:

The ship, captain and Phoenix all look fantastic in the video.  How could you best represent them artistically?


FIRST pick a scene from the film (or sketch your own adaptation of it)

NEXT choose what method you will use to capture it (paint, line drawing, colour drawing, collage, pastels, computer aided drawing).

THEN develop and practise your ideas.

FINALLY improve and finish your artwork


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