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Don't Rush!

I've put lots of Maths (roman numerals) and English (The Iron Man) on today.  Take your time so you understand it.  If you don't finish, there's more time tomorrow.  If you do finish, I'll make you extra challenge for tomorrow.


Micklem School Blog

Please try and check out the new Micklem school blog.  It's like the one we've been using on Purple Mash but it's on the Micklem school website so others can see it and comment on it.  Why don't you put any learning or activities your proud of up there.

First lesson on Roman Numerals - looks at numbers to 20

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After this you could do the learning pack pages 2,3 and 4.

Don't worry that it says year 4. It's the best place to start and we'll go further tomorrow!

Roman Numerals - second video

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Numbers up to 100

The Iron Man

Our English for the next 9 days will be based around a book called The Iron Man.

If you want to read it for yourself, the text is here

Otherwise, I'll be reading it in 5 installments.  I hope you enjoy.

The Iron Man night 1. Careful: watch both videos.

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Today I would like you to read the first chapter (night of the story).
To help you remember the story you should use the worksheet to remember what order everything happened.

Then I would like you to re-tell the story. You could:
- Use the template below to retell it in words and pictures.
- Write it in your own words.
- Retell or act it out for an audience.

Part 2

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Such a great chapter - it wouldn't fit in one video.
Don't rush today. We will be working on this chapter tomorrow too.