Primary School

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Week Two

Good morning Year 6!


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and found lots of different ways to keep yourselves entertained.  


This week, I would like you to spend time writing a short story based on the marshmallow video from last week.  I would like to know how the creature came to live in the woods.  Earlier in the year, we wrote a prequel to Fantastic Mr. Fox - "How Mr. Fox became Fantastic".  I would like you to write a prequel for this creature. 

Who are they?

How did they end up in the woods?

What is their role in the woods?

Why do they love marshmallows?

Should people be scared of them?


I want you to write this as if we were doing it in class so make sure you spend time editing your spellings and punctuation.  Remember it must make sense!  Once you have edited and rewritten it out, I would like you to send me a picture of your writing.  I would like this completed by the end of the week.