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This week and next, our English is all about a video called EVOL.  It's a fantasy style video made by students from the University of Hertfordshire.  You might want to watch it a few times today so that you can start to understand what's happening.  Even better if there's someone at home to talk about it with.

FIRST TASK - What, Who, Where, When, Why

Write these 5 words on a piece of paper and start thinking about what is in the video, who features, where might it have happened.

Write as many ideas as you have for your answers.  If you're not sure where it is, put your ideas or write it as a question: Is it in a real place or imaginary?

The Ship's captain - what kind of a person is he?

Today's task is to think and talk about what kind of a person is the ship's captain? As well as describing what he looks like, you might want to use adjectives like brave, adventurous, strong. Challenge 1 - write sentences to describe him. Challenge 2 - fill in the job description for the ship's captain

Grammar practice