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5th June 2020


Dear Year 1

It's my Sam's birthday today and I have made him a cake.  It is chocolate which is his favourite.  He has opened his presents and is looking forward to his birthday dinner.  He is allowed to choose what he wants and he has chosen a fry up!  So sausage, egg and bacon it is! 

I have uploaded the last in our sequence of fractions below.  It's quite tricky today but have a go - remember everything is about quarters today - 4 equal parts.

For English, I would like you to watch the film again .  Today I would like you to think about Zahra as a person.  Draw yourself a spider diagram and put her name inside.  Then write your describing words around.  I'll start you off:

Is she strong or weak?  Does she give up or persevere? Is she kind or mean do you think? 

Look through your words from yesterday about Zahra's appearance and your words from today.  Choose your favourite describing words to write a sentence about her appearance and a sentence about her character.

REMEMBER - capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, beautiful handwriting and read your sentence to make sure it makes sense.

You could even challenge yourself and put an 'and' in your sentence. Go on...I know you can do it!

I have loaded up some words to help you below.  You might need a grown up to help explain what they mean.

I look forward to reading them,

Mrs Stokley smiley

Friday Maths.mp4

Still image for this video