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2nd June 2020

Hello Year One!

This week, some of you will go back to school to learn and some of you will still be learning at home.  It is lovely to be in touch with you wherever you are! yes 

We are going to watch a little film this week and base our work around it.  The film is called Zahra.  Copy this link into your search engine

and then scroll down and click to watch it on Vimeo.  Or click on this link


Firstly, what did you like or dislike about the film? 

What was your favourite part?

What country do you think this story is set in?

How do you know it is set in a different country?

Go to the video centre (Children, Video Centre, Year 1 Closure, Zahra) to listen to your challenge for today.


Today's maths you will find loaded up below.  It is a new week so we are changing sequence. 


You will also find an Art lesson and also a power point about African Art (I say it's Monday but it's for Tuesday - I forgot about the INSET day!).


I have also loaded up a Geography lesson about Africa too. Lots of fantastic learning for us to do together.  Remember you can share your work with me if you want to. Send me an email or you can blog on the Year 1 blog.


If you did not try the experiments I set for Half Term - maybe you might like to have a go this week?  They are good fun.  Just click on the star that says Half Term on the main Year 1 page.  Otherwise, if you enjoy Purple Mash there are some new activities on there.  I will only put the activities up for a week so it's easier to follow the new learning.


I hope you like the film and enjoy this week's activities.

Take care,

Mrs Stokley smiley







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African Art

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