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Year 2

Half Term STEM Project


Hello everyone,


This week I have set you a project full of STEM activities. Do you know what this means? Probably not, so, watch the video and find out!


Every day I will also be putting up a story for you to listen to that has a link to STEM. Today the story is

'The Dragon Machine' by Helen Ward told on You Tube here:


Once you have listened to this story you might be interested in the film 'Fly Away Home'. Here is a link to the preview and if you want to watch it you can find it on Amazon or Netflix.


I wonder if you know why I chose this book and film as part of our STEM project?


Have a great half term and enjoy learning!

Mrs Cavender smiley


Year 2 Half Term Project Summer Term.mp4

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Story today - Friday 29th May


Today the story is Duck In The Truck by Jez Alborough. It is a really funny story all about getting stuck in the muck and how the car is eventually set free!


Maybe you could spend some time today playing with cars or trucks and finding out which ones move in a straight line? Which ones win in a race down a ramp? Can you figure out why some move better than others? 


Have fun exploring!

Enjoy the weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Mrs Cavender wink

Story Today 28th May


Enjoy listening to The Smartest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson.

He has great ideas about using everyday things to create something new! Can you find a different way to use something? Maybe make a kite from a tea towel or a see-saw from an old plank of wood... I wonder what you can think of?


Have a lovely day!

Mrs Cavender smiley


Story Today - Wednesday 27th May


Mrs Armitage On Wheels by Quentin Blake


Could you design your own bicycle? What will your bike need?!


This link shows you how to draw a bike.


Have a lovely day, maybe you will be out on your bike?

Mrs Cavender wink

Monday 11th May


Hi Year 2!


 I hope you all had a good weekend. Did you see lots of flags out for VE day? There were quite a lot near to where I live and I saw The Queen on the television. Did you see the Olivia had got a letter from The Queen? Have a look on the Year 2 Blog - how exciting is that?!


Today, we are going to be doing some more learning about fractions and this week, we will be learning about fractions of shapes.


Did you enjoy the last chapter of Flat Stanley, when he turns into a kite? Did any of you make a kite? It was so windy on Sunday, I wonder of you got it to fly! Listen to the next chapter of Flat Stanley, where Stanley is a hero!  Enjoy the story and then complete the activity which is all about using adjectives.


Last of all today, Year 2 might be able to enter a Science competition about minibeasts. Have a look and see if you would like to take part. If you do, when you are next in your garden or at the park, have a look around to see what you can find and then fill in the sheet. I will send it off to enter the competition!


Have a happy day - wrap up warm!

Mrs Cavender smiley

Maths Monday 11th May 2020

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Thursday 7th May


Hi everyone,


Today we will not be watching a Maths video, we will just carry on practising our skills of finding fractions. Take care to look at the fraction and check how many equal parts the whole has been divided into. Then draw the parts on the bar model - I haven't helped you with this today! You will be finding different fraction 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 so look carefully!


English today will include Lesson 4, apostrophe activity,  listening to chapter 3 of Flat Stanley (Video Resource Centre) and a surprise activity which I will leave for you to find out!


Tomorrow is what is called a bank holiday, where the country has a day off work. We usually have bank holidays on Monday, but this holiday is very special. It is a holiday to remember the end of World War 2, called VE day. I have put a powerpoint and some reading for you all about this, if you would like to find out more. The reading is in 3 challenges for you to read, or perhaps you could read it with your adult at home.


So, I will not see you again until Monday, but I will look out for you on the blog!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cavender smiley

Wednesday 6th May

Hello everyone,

How did you get on with finding 3/4? Do you think you can use an apostrophe to show that something belongs to someone now? Well done for doing the work and having a go!


Today in Maths you are going to be finding lots of different fractions. The power-point will explain how and show you the activity sheet you are going to use. Remember to use the bar model - it is there to help you to understand and learn. Once you are really confident, you may not need to record in so much detail, but for now please do.


There is a lot to do for English today! In the next part of the story (LOOK ON THE VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE) Stanley receives a letter... then an adventure begins! You are going to write a letter by the end of the lesson. We are going to look at what you need to include to make the best letter you can, full of your own wonderful ideas! I hope you will show me your work on the blog later.


Have a day! Keep cycling, dancing and drawing...or whatever you do that makes you smile! 

Mrs Cavender smiley

Flat Stanley Lesson 3

Still image for this video
This is the power-point video where we learn all about writing the letter.

Tuesday 5th May


Today we will be carrying on with Flat Stanley, but no more story to listen to yet! We will be learning about how to use apostrophes today.


In Maths we will be becoming experts at fractions - you will be able to impress everyone with your skills after today I am sure.


I haven't set any more work today, but I would love to hear about some reading that you have been doing. Can you put a note on the blog and tell me and your friends what you have been reading and what you thought of the book? Remember, if you haven't got anything to read, you can ask at school for more books or you can go on all the sites that I have recommended on the website and don't forget Oxford Owl!    username    micklem     password    thanks


Have a great day! 

Mrs Cavender smiley


Maths Fractions

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Day 2

English Apostrophes

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Monday 4th May


We are starting some now learning today in English and Maths! 


In English we will be enjoying the story of Flat Stanley! I am reading the story to you on the VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE - in the Children's tab, just like last time. If you can't find it or you have any other problems just drop me an email - or put a note on the blog.

Listen to the story and then if you want to you can look at the writing yourselves on the short video I have put on here for you. I will be talking to you about today's learning on this video and the activity is in the folder, ready for you to have a go.


In Maths today we will be using all the skills you have learnt in dividing to start learning about fractions! Do you know what a fraction is? Well by the end of today you will!


Today, you can write up your biography of the one and only David Attenborough. Have you watched Life On Earth yet? It is so interesting, you will not notice how the time flies by!




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Flat Stanley Lesson 1

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Friday 1st May


Hello Year 2. It's Friday again and now the month is May! We have done a lot of learning this week and so many of you have been using the Year 2 Blog which is great. if you haven't been able to put anything on the blog yet, go on and just have a look and see what your friends are up to!


Today I have set you some more Maths on division. There is a new video explaining what we are learning which I hope you will understand. Remember any questions, leave me a message on the blog. 


For English there are some different things to choose from. You can look at how to write a poem and make one of your own and I have also put the animal fact file sheet there for you to create your own animal with a ridiculous name!


Last of all for today, it's time to interview David Attenborough! I have given you a sheet to help you with your questions...who will you interview I wonder?!


If you would like another story, I have recorded one for you which I hope you will like. It has beautiful illustrations. You will find it in the CHILDREN, VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE, just like before. Just enjoy listening - no work to do with this one.


Have a good weekend everyone,

Mrs Cavender  smiley

Maths Friday 1st May

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Thursday 30th April


English: In the documents today, I have attached the 2 fact file pages from the back of the book, "You're Called What?!". In these pages you will find out all about the animals from the story - they are real animals! Enjoy reading all about them. Then, your task is to find out some facts about an animal with a crazy name all of your own! You can make up an imaginary animal if you like or find out about other real animals with silly names. Have a look at this link - it's really great!


Spend some time today creating a drawing of your animal and researching some information. Maybe you could make some notes in your book or create a plan of what you will write tomorrow. In the pack today, I have put an 'animal fact file' for you to write in tomorrow or you can make up your own. Remember the work you did with Miss Pughe on headings and subheadings - this will help you.


Maths: How did you get on with grouping yesterday? I hope you understood what to do, but if not tell me on the blog and I will try and help you. Today there is a grouping activity to practise your skills.


Science: Today is the day to interview Mr David Attenborough! Do you know what an interview is? When you interview someone, you ask them questions to help you find out information about them. This information will help you write the biography.Will you really be able to interview him? No, but you can use your imaginations!! You should know quite a lot about him now - could you telephone a friend and one of you pretend to be him and the other ask questions? Maybe your adult at home could pretend to be him? Or you sister or brother!

Enjoy pretending today and see how good you are at asking questions!


Enjoy your day, whatever your doing!

Mrs Cavender wink




Wednesday 29th April


Good morning everyone - how are you today? It was so rainy yesterday and I think today will probably be too. How will you have fun today? Will you go outside and splash in the puddles or stay in and make a Lego model? Maybe you can do PE with Joe Wickes and then help with some cooking? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it along with the learning I am going to set you now!


In English today, you are going to need to read the story "You're Called What?!" again and we will be learning about compound words. Do you know what these are? No, well you will by the end of today and you can show me what you've done. There is a sheet for you, just follow the instructions.


In Maths, we will continue to learn about dividing, but today we will be learning to divide by grouping. Follow the video and have a go. There has been some excellent Maths work on the Blog, so keep it up everyone. There are 3 challenge levels for you to try, remember to try the next level up and see if you can manage to do these as well!


In Science, I can see that some of you are already writing down the facts that you have learnt about our class scientist, David Attenborough. By the end of the week I would like you to write a biography of David Attenborough. A biography is a piece of writing about a person's life, where you can record facts and some things which you find particularly interesting. I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Today, I have given you some information to read about him and some questions to answer. This is in 3 challenge levels. Just choose the one that best fits you.


Last of all for today, I have given you a spelling activity to do. Can you remember how to spell the "shun" sound? Have a go!


Enjoy your day everyone!

Mrs Cavender wink





Maths Division by grouping

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Tuesday 28th April


Hello everyone! How did you get on yesterday? Remember, if there is anything you don't understand, send me a note on the Year 2 blog and I can help you sort it out.


Today, you may need to go back to the story of  "You're Called What?!" and look at the power-point where you can read the story to yourself. In the documents you will see an activity called Let's go back to the book. Follow the instructions here.


In Maths I would like you to practise the skills you learnt yesterday. I have given you some more questions to have a go at and a short powerpoint to help you with some of the tricky challenges. You are going to have a go at these aren't you? You can do it!


The last thing for today is the chance to learn a little about our scientist for this term. His name is David Attenborough. Have you heard of him? Think back to Science Week when you watched some of Blue does his name ring a bell? See what you can find out from the resources I have given you and maybe you could find out some more information yourself? Parents - if you can help with this that would be great. Later in the week I am going to give the children the opportunity to interview you as if you were the man himself!


Still image for this video
Help with problem solving

Monday 27th April


Hello everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend!


This week I have recorded a video for maths today and I have then set you some tasks to do.

If you are finding anything difficult, send me a message on the class blog and I will help you the next day.

On Wednesday there will be another video for maths and then some tasks for the rest of the week.


For English there is a video of my reading you a story - you will find this on the website. Go into CHILDREN and then VIDEO RESOURCES then YEAR 2 SCHOOL CLOSURES and you will see a video called Mrs Cavender reads "You're Called What?!". Enjoy listening and then do the tasks for Monday.


There will be some Science to do later in the week.


Have a good day,

Mrs Cavender smiley

Read Independently You're Called What.mp4

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Maths 27.4.20

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It's Friday and after another day of learning it will be the weekend!

Have  you all had a look on the Micklem Website at our Year 2 blog? If you look in the children tab and go down to 'blogging' you will find it! Lots of people have put posts on - have a look to see your friends and then add one yourself. Mr Maher has sent user names and passwords will be with you by the end of tomorrow. Go on, have a go!


Today we are going to carry on using money in maths - I have seen some great work, well done! So today, I am going to set you an even bigger challenge - choose your challenge and complete the task. Then, I would like you to have a go at the next, higher challenge too! See how you get on - it's ok to get some wrong, but you might surprise yourself - have a go!


For English, enjoy listening to this story:


It is called 'Jim and the Beanstalk'. That's a bit funny... do you recognise the title? What might it be about? 

Enjoy listening - make sure you have your busy brains on - then you have a follow up activity to do. Parents, you will need to support this task at the beginning, but the follow up can be done independently.


In science this week we have been learning all about animals. Today's task is to make a factfile all about tigers.  This link is on the activity page, but I will put it here too:


I know some of you completed the tiger life cycle in the Easter holidays and this is your opportunity to learn even more about this beautiful creature. If you are stuck on the challenge go back to DK Find Out


Have a happy day and I hope to see some of your amazing work on our Blog!


Mrs Cavender  smiley




Just a reminder to everyone that there are lots of things for you to do online as well as the work that I set for you every day.


Oxford Owl  Class login:  Username micklem   password thanks


Timestable Rockstars  - you have the login in your homework books


Purple mash - your login was emailed to you


Joe Wicks: PE every day on youtube - PE with Joe


Phonic Play: :   Username march20  password: home


If you have any problems with any of these let me know: email me on

Thursday 23rd April


Did anyone make a video of themselves telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? If you haven't yet it is not too late - have a go today! Can you add it ti the Year 2 blog for everyone to see? You might need to practice again today until you have got is just how you want it to be. smiley


Now you can retell the story of Jack and the beanstalk I am going to challenge you to retell it in your own words. I have given you  writing frame to help you, which has pictures in the order of the story. If you would rather just write and illustrate your own story in a little book or on big piece of paper that would be great. Tell your story however you think works best!


In maths I have set you a challenge to work out all the new prices in the shop where everything is half price! Do you remember how to halve? Halving is sharing the total into 2 equal groups.


So if a ball cost 40p, in the half price sale it will be: 

20p                                                                           20p


Have a go using a bar model to help you. Check that both groups are equal. If they are not, you have not found half and you need to try again. You could use coins to help or pictures of coins.

Record your answers in your book and tomorrow I will give you the answers to check your work.


Last thing to do today will be Science - all about animals. Did you go on dkfindout yesterday? Well today we are going to go on it again to learn more.

Use this link:


I have given you an activity to complete once you have done some finding out.


Enjoy your day and remember, put a post on the Micklem blog if you can!

Mrs Cavender wink

Good morning everyone!


How did you get on with Jack and the Beanstalk yesterday? Did you remember the story? Today I would like you to read it again in your best performance voice! Can you scoop up the words and use the punctuation to add expression? I know you can! Once you are confident, practice retelling the story using the puppets if you have made them. After lots of practice maybe you could ask an adult at home to film your performance! If you would like to send the film to me I would really like to see it and perhaps we could even put your story telling on the website - how exciting is that?


In Maths today I am going to set you some money problems to solve. Challenge yourself and see how you get on. There will be some money activities on Purple Mash also.


Last of all, we are going to be finding out more about animals and what they are called. Animals are named in groups - you know like birds, fish, insects. On DK Find Out I would like you to read and learn a little more about this and tomorrow, we will learn more about this.

This is the link you will need:


I hope you enjoy your learning  and the sunshine today!

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Cavender smiley

Welcome Back everyone!


Did you have a good Easter? I wonder what you were up to over the holiday? Whatever you were doing I hope you had a happy time.


Lots of you have started learning all about India, which is great! If you haven't managed to get going on the Easter project - don't worry, there is still time.


Today I am going to ask you all to have a think about traditional tales - do you remember what these are? Stories that have been around for a very long time, told by people for many years. Can you remember learning about them in Year 1? Stories like Little Red Riding many can you think of? Race someone at home!


Today we are going to enjoy reading and retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Can you make some puppets to retell the story? Have a go.


Jack sold the cow, but he didn't get any money for her! Can you count money to find a total? Have a go with the maths sheets I have set for you. There are 3 different challenges - choose the one you think will be right for you.


Remember all the other things there are to do at home - art, PE with Joe Wickes, Reading and listening to stories and today I have set you some science on Purple Mash.


Have a happy day!

Mrs Cavender smiley

Easter Holidays Project


Next Term will be starting a new topic called 'Around The World'! In this topic we will find out about different countries - Year 1 will be starting to learn about Africa and in Year 2 we will be learning about India. 


Over the hoildays I would like you to find out as much as you can about this wonderful country. I have given you some links to information power points and this is a link to a video what shows you the country's flag, what the weather is like, which animals live there, how people dress and what they like to eat and many more things.


The world map is for you to find and show where India is, where the UK is and any other countries that you would like to add. Can you name the Oceans and continents? If you can't remember can you find out the names?


Spend some time watching and learning and then complete the tasks I have set you in the folder and on Purple Mash. I hope that you can make a fact file all about India and write postcard as if you have been on holiday to India. Tell me all the things you might have seen and what you did there!


When we come back after Easter we will share your work before we move on to the next part of our learning.


If you would like to try out some fun art ideas have a look in the Art folder (in School Closure Days). Mrs Stokley has put some great things to do in there!


Have a lovely holiday - don't eat too many Easter eggs! 

Mrs Cavender wink


Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 2!

This is the last day of school before the Easter holidays. I am going to set you some things to do today and then, at the end if the day, log back in to see what there will be to do over the holidays. We will be starting a new topic after Easter - log on later to find out more!


This morning I have found a great story for you to listen to and it's called 'Mr Big' by Ed Vere. Listen to the story and think about the main character - how does he feel as the stroy goes on? Why does this change? Can you imagine another story when Mr Big has an adventure with his new friends?Perhaps you could make your own book. Don't forget to make an exciting front cover! The second link is Ed Vere, the author, showing you how to draw Mr Big - have a watch and then have a go! Please send me a photo of your books. Send it to Have fun wink Mr Big  Enjoy listening to this story 


The music Mr Big plays id called Jazz. Have a listen to this song from The Aritocats - its really cool and it make me feel happy. What about you? Maybe you could listen to more Jazz and play along with someething you find in the kitchen! The Aristocats sing jazz!



On Purple Mash I have set you a 2Do, called Simple City, this one is a visit to the zoo. Enjoy this and find out about all the animals along the way!


Maths today - times tables, have a go on TT Rockstars and ask someone at home to test you on your 2s, 5s and 10s. How are you getting on?


Talk to you later today,

Mrs Cavender smiley


Thursday 2nd April 

Hello everyone,


I had a really lovely surprise yesterday when Anya emailed some of her work to me - she had designed some knickers for the Queen. Did you listen to the story? If you didn't, have a listen today - the man reading it is really funny!


How did you get on with learning about time yesterday? I wondered if you could try to do some counting around the clock in 5s? Do you remember we did this at school - the long minute hand moves round past each number as 5 minutes go by. Have a go at the sheet I have set and let me know how you get on.


On purple mash there are lots of different types of challenges set for you - Maths, English and Science as well as games. Log on and have a look - so far I can see that some of you have started trying out - well done everyone!


Today I would like you to choose another book from Oxford Owl to enjoy reading. Remember to challenge yourself. Please write a book review for other people to help them choose.


Last of all for today I would like you to find out about some of the bugs which live in your garden.


Who lives there? What are the names of these animals? How do they move? How do they grow or change? Then, if you can find some things to have a go, try making a bug hotel! 


Have a lovely day!

Mrs Cavender smiley

Wednesday 1st April

Today is a special day - it is April fools Day! This means that up until 12 o'clock you can play a trick on anyone in your house and they can't be cross - so, what will you do?


Yesterday you listened to the story of The Queen's Knickers - if you missed it, go back a day and click on the link. Today it is your turn to design some knickers for the Queen - you need to decide when she would wear them and decorate them for that special purpose! I have added some special paper - maybe you would like to write a letter to the Queen to ask how she is and if she is staying at Buckingham Palace at the moment?


The next challenge today is to learn a little more about Time. We have learnt how to read o'clock and half past, and some of you can do quarter past and quarter to. Watch the power point and then have a go at a challenge. We will do some more work on Time tomorrow.


I have added an art and science activity - can you find out some facts about penguins and then make a model penguin? Have a go!


I hope you have fun tricking someone!

Mrs Cavender wink





Tuesday 31st March


Good morning!


Today I would like you to complete at least one thing I have set you on Purple Mash. There are Science activities, Maths activities and an English activity called 2Create A Story. On this activity you can create a story of your own, with sound effects and animations - it is really fun. If you're not sure what story you want to tell, just tell one you already know, maybe How To Catch A Star? 


How are you getting on with your handwriting? Are you trying to make all the letters the same size and the tail and head letters hang down or stand up tall? Keep practising - remember we have the Queen's competition in June!


Now, talking of the Queen, did you find out that the Tower of London is where she keeps the Crown Jewels? See if you can find some pictures of what these look like - you will be amazed and if we are lucky, one day you might see them! I have put a reading task here for you and it is all about the Queen. There is a Challenge 1, 2 and 3. You choose which one you would like to do. It tells you lots about the Queen and then asks you some questions about what you remember, so busy brains on!


Last thing to do today, some adding and subtracting. Use any strategy that will help you. Write these in your books:


Challenge 1: 24 + 10, 15 + 20, 35 + 15, 18 - 10 , 15 - 7

Challenge 2: 24 + 20, 15 + 24, 35 + 36, 42 - 10, 38 - 16

Challenge 3: 24 + 25, 35 + 25, 47 + 14, 56 - 20, 48 - 18, 54 - 18


Have a happy day and remember to get outside if you can. Try blowing some bubbles using washing up liquid and your fingers!

Mrs Cavender smiley






Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 2 - did you have a good weekend? I hope so. Are you ready for a new week of learning? 

Let's get going!


Today I have set you some new spelling and the Vocab Ninja words to practice. 

Have another look at the art ideas from last week - can you use them to create something special? 


The WWF site is full of amazing videos and information about animals. This is the link -

Would you like to make an orangutan - remember the learning you did with Miss Waterhouse about the forests where they live? I have put a sheet on the learning for today which tells you how.


On Purple Mash, there is lots of fantastic learning and I have set you some multiplication tasks - have a look, it is a great site!


Last of all, I would like to read ' Happy Birthday Winnie' on Oxford Owl. Enjoy the story and then have a go at drawing your own illustration of Winnie and Wilbur - can you copy the style of Korky Paul?

Then, create a story map of the story. Try to tell the story to someone at home using your story map.


( Username Micklem  Password thanks)


If you can, enjoy getting outside. Be a nature explorer - what can you discover today?


Have a great day.

Mrs Cavender smiley



Friday 27th March


We are at the end of the first week of home learning! I hope that you have enjoyed the things that I have set for you to do. Today I would like you to make sure you do some more spelling and handwriting practice, so I will put the sheets in today's folder.


There is some Maths to do today - practising sharing, just like when we were finding half, but you can share a whole into many groups, but remember they must all be equal. Have a look to see what I mean - if you are finding it difficult sen me an email and I'll find a way to help you. Remember to keep practising your times table too on Times Tables Rockstars - how are you getting on?


Find a book on Oxford Owl, that challenges you. You may want to listen to it first and then read it - have a go at using different voices for your characters! Write a book review - if you email them to me I will share them on the website for your friends to see - then they may choose to read it to - go on have a go!


Have a happy weekend,

Mrs Cavender smiley

Thursday 26th March

Hi everyone,


I hope you enjoyed watching the Ugly Sharkling yesterday - I loved the spider swimming in the sea! Did you use your imagination and write a postcard? I would love to read them.


Today I am going to set you some more topic work. I want you to imagine that you are a newspaper reporter from 1666 - you are going to write a report all about the Great Fire of London! I have given you a fact file to help you remember what happened. Choose what part you want to write about - make sure that you make it interesting for your reader, describe what happened in lots of detail. If you have a newspaper at home, ask your parents to look at it with you to see the bold headings and how the writing is exciting. You could use the sheet I have sent you or just write in your books.


I am also sending the Vocab Ninja for this week - have a look at all the Grasshopper words and try them out. I though of this sentence starter - Everyone in the ocean used to stare at the Ugly Sharkling because... Can you finish my sentence?


The last thing for today is an art activity link - I know that we all love art!

This site has lots of resources for you to try, some projects are big, some are just a 5 minute draw. Have a look, you will enjoy them I'm sure.


Have a great day and enjoy learning!

Mrs Cavender smiley

Wednesday 25th March

Did you see any birds yesterday? While the sun is still shining, why don't you complete another National Trust Challenge - 'Hold A Scary Beast'! Look under pots or stones - scary beasts love it here! If you find one can you take a photo and email it to me? I wonder if you can find out what it is called?


Don't forget, that every week day, 9.00 til 9.30, Joe Wicks will be running a PE lesson for the entire nation live from his youtube channel!  Have a go.


How are you getting on with Purple Mash and the science I set for you? Are you using Time Tables Rockstars to practise your times table skills? Any questions, just email me at


Today I wondered if you would like to keep learning about sharks? I have 2 activities for you - one is about a short film story called 'The Ugly Sharkling' you can find it here Enjoy watching the film and then imagine you are Phil. Can you write a postcard to your mum or a friend to tell them all about your adventures? Remember to use time words to link your story together. I've given you a plan to help you collect your ideas.


I have also given you some information about sharks - a powerpoint to watch and a some fact files. What can you learn about these underwater animals? Test yourself with the quiz. 


Last of all, there is a 3D model of a shark to make - if you can print it out, that would be great, if not you could try copying it onto a piece of paper. Have a go and enjoy it!


Keep practising your spelling and handwriting and I've given you some Maths too.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Cavender




How did you get on yesterday Year 2?


Have you been able to go out in the garden? I have been looking out of my window at the birds.


I'm going to give you some new things to do today!



  • One of our outdoor National Trust challenges is 'Go Bird Watching' - see if you can spot any birds outside too. If you see any let me know  - you can email me at
  • Remember to keep practising your handwriting and spelling from yesterday.


Have a lovely day smiley




Hello Year 2 smiley


This is our first day of learning out of school - how exciting!

Every day I will put a message on the website for you and ask you to have a go at some learning at home. In your folder from school ,there is a book for you to do all the work in, but you don't need to print out the pages, just look at them on the computer and have a go in your book. 


I will try to give you some work, just as if we were in school:

  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Handwriting - the booklet is for you to do 3 words a day and you could write a sentence too, just like we do at school. Take care with your letter formation - remember the head, body and tail - just like Lenny showed you.
  • English
  • Maths
  • Topic

Remember to use all the websites I have given you as well - Oxford Owl, Phonics Play and Times Tables Rockstars. Your logins are in your homework book.


If you have any questions for me please email me at:


Happy learning everyone!

Mrs Cavender


We are lucky enough to now have Purple Mash, a great online learning site, for our school. Your login will sent by email. Follow the guide below and enjoy using all the exciting resources!


Dear Parent/Carer,
Your child has access to Purple Mash, a whole world of fun and exciting learning opportunities in one safe place.
What is Purple Mash?
Purple Mash is a comprehensive suite of online learning tools and content, designed to be used by Primary aged children in the classroom and at home.
Find out more here:
What should you do first?
To begin with, it’s a good idea to log in to Purple Mash with your child.
We suggest the following:
-Familiarising yourself with the menu icons.
-Looking at any set tasks that have been given to your child (2Dos)
-Finding out about Class Blogs and Display Boards accessible via the Sharing Icon
-Exploring the grammar, maths and spelling activities which match to the National Curriculum
-Play one of many fun, educational collaborative games such as 2Race
-Delve into the Science area and find out about all the areas of Science it covers
-Investigate the Topics area to support securing their knowledge of the wider curriculum
-Tour the Computing area trying out some of the tools such as 2Code, 2Go and Logo
-Get creative in the Tools section, from making an animation to building a printable 3D model
-Dive into Serial Mash (an online library of books)
-Learn through play in Mini Mash (For children aged 3 to 5).
How can you get more involved?
As a parent, you can find out about your child’s learning on Purple Mash and support them beyond the classroom by registering
with Parent Portal. Parent Portal allows you to easily see the learning your child has been doing on Purple Mash, including any
comments on work from teachers, homework (2Dos), rewards and so much more. You will never miss out on being informed of
your child’s learning as Parent Portal sends all registered users a weekly digest email. You can start using Parent Portal today
by following the 3 simple steps below.
Step 1:Enter URL on your child’s login card.
Step 2:Click ‘Register parent’.
Step 3:Enter the ‘Parent Code’ on your child’s login card and follow additional instructions.
If you have any questions, please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance.
Happy Purple Mashing


I have set you some 2Dos for Science.