Primary School

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Good Morning Year 5

What fantastic weather - make sure you're enjoying it.  I believe exercise outside is still allowed so see if you can go for a walk/run/ride, or if you're lucky enough to have one, enjoy some garden time.


Writing day three about the giraffes (from your packs or look at the resources under Monday).  You'll need to explore personal and impersonal writing:

You should think very carefully (personal)

Think very carefully (impersonal)

What's the difference?


Purple Mash - you should now have log ons.  Try them out (email me if you have any trouble), look around at the website and find some good learning.

I've set you 5 to-dos for this week: grammar, spelling, a maths game, rounding and a task to programme a computer game.  If you click on the sound icon next to each to-do, I've left you a voice message (amazing right?)  Well done to the two children that have already sent me their learning - great scores & I've written you raffle tickets already.


If you can't get on to purple mash, there are lots of suggestions from Monday and Tuesday about what to do. 

If you want more or different computer programming I found a good superhero game tutorial: