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NEW - Micklem school BLOG

I know some of you are blogging on purplemash, but the school have been working hard to make a blog on our own website and some teachers and children have already posted.  There's a link on the school closure page and you're being sent your passwords.

Please click on my name and have a look at the two posts I just made.

Now you can post next week's learning on the blog and everyone can see the fantastic things you're doing.

Some maths problems for you. If you can solve them send them to me or put them on the blog.

Last episode - Curse of the Highwayman

Still image for this video
Sorry - my video got cut off at the end but I'd finished the story.
I'm going to give you two choices for today:
1 - write a review of the book. What is it about, what did you like about it, who would it appeal to?
2 - write a different ending for the book. What would happen if Shona hadn't been strong enough to get rid of the glove? What things would she have started to do with the glove on?
Please send me your writing -
Or post it straight on the new Micklem website blog!