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Friday 29th May

Good morning year 4


I hope you enjoy the learning tasks for today, I have done something a little bit different in maths and there is an interesting music activity.  Maybe you could create your own instrument and record a tune?



The final part of this weeks learning on explanation text is to look at the element of specialist vocabulary.  On Tuesday we looked at the 'Hot Air Balloon' text - some specialist vocabulary included burner, nylon poles.  For today's task I would like you to pick one of the texts below and highlight any specialist vocabulary and then draw a diagram and label it to explain how it works.  



For today's task I have set you something a little bit different.  It's about planning a budget.  There is a power point and an activity sheet and an interactive game.  Think about an activity you would like to do when we are out of lockdown - football match, trip to the seaside, etc.   Research the cost of tickets, travel, food and plan your budget for the event.  

Other learning


A little bit of music to start - Rhythm Reading


The video below is going to teach you how to read rhythms. It uses the sounds:

  • Ta (sounds like car)
    Ti-Ti (sounds like tea-tea)

The video helps you keep a track of where you are too:

  • To keep you in time, follow the sounds as they turn red.
    Each rhythm pattern is played four times before moving onto the next.

Have a go at saying these rhythms first, then try tapping them on a table, or clapping them at the same time. 

Introduction to Rhythm Reading: Stage One

And then have a look at do you think the instrument makes the sound?  Did you like it?  Which one did you like best?  What about anyone else in your house?

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

Street artist playing Hallelujah with crystal glasses

RimbaTubes: Star Wars Medley | Snubby J

The final link is to an engineering website where you can play interactive games.  I hope you enjoy the learning.  Have a lovely weekend and I'll be in touch next week.


Stay safe.  Mrs Hobbs