Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Good morning everyone! I hope your Monday was lovely. I was at school and had a lovely day. We played rounders, did some yoga, played tennis and hide and seek! What did you do?



Today I would like you to go on an alphabet hunt...
your challenge is to get a plate (could be from your cupboard, a paper or plastic, or you could cut out some paper and make a plate) and fill it with the alphabet. For example for the letter ‘a’ I would put an Apple, ‘b’ I would put a balloon... etc

Your challenge is to get the whole alphabet on one plate!! Send me your pictures so I can see them. I’m at school tomorrow and I’m going to try it too!


Extra activities:
1. Help make lunch.
2. Practise singing your alphabet song very very quietly. You could even record yourself doing it.



Have a lovely Tuesday, I’m looking forward to seeing your alphabet plates 


Bye for now


Miss Courtnell