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22nd April 2020

Dear Year One

How are you today?  I wondered if you would like to sing some songs from Jack and the Beanstalk.  Can you remember when you were in Reception and you came to visit me to sing?  Well see if you can remember this one  This one is about Jack going to market  

I will put some more songs on this week - they can help you remember the story.


How did you get one with your sentences yesterday?  Remember you can show me your work by emailing it to or putting it on the new Year 1 Blog on the website.

Read through the story again and see if you can use to puppets to tell the story or maybe you and your family could act it out?  

Today, have a think about how Jack must have felt climbing up the you think he was scared?  Was he excited?  Think how you would have felt.  Can you write a sentence or two? Can you challenge yourself with an 'and' in your sentence?

Jack felt...


Have a go at counting in 2s while you watch the Space Dog that we like.

Have a go at counting to 100 with Spiderman


Enjoy the sunshine

Mrs Stokley smiley