Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together



Good morning.


How are you today? Did you build any houses that the wolf couldn't blow down? 

Harlie built a brilliant house out of bricks and tested it with her 'wolf'! 


Today I would like you to be creative and make a card for someone you might be missing. It could be your friend, grandparent or maybe an auntie or uncle? Try to make it look as nice as possible and inside write a message to brighten their day. It could say "I miss you" or "Hello" or "How are you?" make sure you finish it with your name, so they know who sent it. 

Maybe you could ask your mum or dad to get a stamp and send it to them. If they live close by you could post it in their post box (Remember: only if you are well and make sure you stay a safe distance from others!)




After you have been creative I would like you to be active. You could:

*Go on your bike/ scooter

*play hide and seek

*make an assault course with different toys




You could use your daily outing to do these active ideas. 


Extra Activities: 

1. Get yourself dressed and try to do all buttons by yourself. 

2. Help make lunch or dinner. Count how many people are eating and check you have enough plates etc.

3. Sing the days of the week song (from YouTube   can you write them down in the correct order??

4. Try to count all the way to 100 and back down again. Can you do it in 2s? 5s? 10s? 

5. Put your favourite song on and dance around your home. 




It is the Easter holidays after today so I will set some special Easter challenges.


Remember to have fun, be good and give your family lots of cuddles. I will set some more challenges after the Easter holidays, but please send me some snaps of what you have been up to smiley


Well done Mum and Dad - you've got through 2 weeks!!



Speak to you after the holidays,


Miss Courtnell