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Good morning everyone!


How did you get on yesterday? Are you frog life cycle experts now? I hope so because Tad needs some help! Have a look at the video to find out how you can help her.


I hope that you are getting on all right with telling the time. Today we are going to learn how to read the time by counting on in 5 minutes to find out the exact number of minutes have gone by since the o'clock. Follow the powerpoint and it will help you to understand how. Then there is an activity for you to try. It is a short activity, but you could spend some time practising telling the time with your clock.


Enjoy the music today! I hope to hear some recordings on the blog. Mr Cuthbert will be impressed!


Have a lovely day,

Mrs Cavender wink

How Can We Help Tad?

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Telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes Part 1.mp4

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Maths - Telling The Time To The Nearest 5 Minutes



Listen to ‘Ten Green Bottles’.

Do you know this song? Can you change the words and sing it to describe what is happening to the tadpoles? Make a recording of your song. Maybe add illustrations to it and film them as you sing! Enjoy this activity. I hope that it will be lots of fun!