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The Iron Man chapter 2, part 1.

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Chapter 2, part2

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Two bits of reading today. I would like you to work on synonyms (words that have the same meaning). Can you re-write the extract with different words? Then pick a different part of the story and re-write it.

Maths - last session on Roman Numerals.

No Maths video today - your choice: finish the work from Monday and Tuesday (further practise on Purple Mash), or have a go at these problems. Please write a full explanation for your answer. It would be great to see them on the blog!

More Art

I would like you to finish off or add to yesterday's Iron Man art.  If you don't feel happy with it yet, what could you change or how could a second version work better?  If you are happy are there other details you want to add or perhaps you could create a background to add to the Iron Man.

Mrs. Stokley has made some art ideas for us - follow the link below.