Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

School Rules

Be Kind.  Show Respect.  Aim High.


In the summer of 2023, we worked with children, staff, parent/carers and governors to come up with three rules for life.  These are a set of rules that we would hope to instill in all of our children, so that when they leave our school, they do so as contributing citizens.  We shared how these would be the rules that underpin everything that we do as a school, and that everyone involved in our school would be held to account by them.  Although the wording of some suggestions varied, there were three ideas that ran throughout. 


These were:

Be Kind.

Show Respect.

Aim High.


There are so many ways that someone can show these values and we often share and discuss these in our assemblies.  Please see below a few ways that Micklem supports and shows our core rules.


Be Kind.

We can show that we are kind by:

  • Nurture - we are a nurturing school, that understands children need to feel safe and happy in order to maximise their learning.  We explore feelings and emotions with children and support them to understand them rather than fear them.
  • letting others join in our game
  • sharing what we have
  • holding doors open for people
  • not hurting anybody
  • being polite
  • telling someone when they have done something well


Show Respect.

We can show respect by:

  • No Outsiders - we are a No Outsiders school and we believe that everyone deserves to learn in a safe and happy environment.  We recognise that everyone is different, and we celebrate that everyone belongs in our school.
  • considering different opinions
  • treating everyone in the same way
  • looking out for everyone in our school


Aim High.

We can show that we are aiming high by:

  • High Hopes - at Micklem, we have High Hopes for everyone that walks through our doors and believe that we can all achieve great things.
  • Learning Powers - our Learning Powers of Co-operation, Perseverance, Reflectiveness, Resilience and Resourcefulness help us to tackle challenging learning every day.
  • always trying our best
  • never giving up
  • working hard
  • understanding the power of 'YET'