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Science Week - March 2018

Science Week

During Science week we learnt all about our senses, we know that we have 5 senses. Take a look at the learning we took part in!


Looking at the colours we could see in the bubbles
How can we change our reflections?
Making big bubbles
Look at my colour glasses!
Oh! i'm upside down in here!
My face is small.....
now my face is big!


Do you know what these smells are?
Decorating a smelly gingerbread man
Making spice paints
Making spice paints
Making spice paints
What do these teabags smell like?


Can you find anything magnetic?
Is plastic magnetic?
What about metal?
Let's try it!


What can you feel in the glove?
How does the ice feel?
Can you change it?
What happens when you add paint?