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Monday 20/4/20

Morning Year One!

How are you? Did you have a lovely Easter holiday? 

I made an Easter cake with mini-eggs and chocolate buttons - it was delicious!  I was very proud of myself as I'm not the best baker in the world smiley I have included a photo of it to show you.

I have uploaded an ebook called Jack and the Beanstalk which I hope you will be able to access.  I am also uploading a document about how to make the finger puppets.  You can print it or you could make your own.  I like drawing so I would make my own ones and then you can tell the story using the puppets.

I am also going to send you something in the post very soon which I'm very excited this space!

I'm also uploading a little Maths to get those brain cells working again! There is a board game for you to play or putting the beans in order.  Maybe you could challenge yourself further and add a yellow bean to a pink bean?  Or subtract a blue from a pink?  Try a few combinations - you can always use resources like bricks, cheerios, buttons, beads and lego bits to help you.

Don't forget about your Easter projects!  I would love to see them.  If you want to share any of your work, then please email it to me at  I have also put some Art and DT Year 1 work on the main closure page - just click on the star that says the subject name.

Have a lovely day and I'll be in touch tomorrow.

Take care

Mrs Stokley laugh

Mrs Stokley's Easter cake