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English - The Iron Man

No new video from me today: we're going to work a bit deeper on the first chapter.

Have a look at the two pages in the pictures.  Hunt for the verbs.

I hope you found some verbs.  My favourites included tumbling, scattered, clanging, chewing and unmoving.


Next I'd like you to think up your own verbs to help some writing about the seaside.  Imagine you are ontop of a cliff looking at the sea.  What verbs could you use to describe how the sea moves, how the seagulls fly and shout out, or how the weather affects you.  You could look at the video clip below for ideas, but I'd turn the sound off so you don't have to listen to the voice over.


Final challenge.  Imagine you are the Iron Man and this is the first time you have seen the sea.  Write some sentences to describe what you can see.  I'd love to see what you write.  Remember you can send it to the school blog or to my email.

Tuesday maths

Still image for this video
Roman Numerals to 1000. Sorry I ran out of video at the end. The final answer was 529. The only other thing I said was "good luck."

Maths worksheets. Roman numerals up to 1000. Only do this when you are confident with yesterday's learning.


I would like you to draw/paint/make an Iron Man.  There are loads of great images from the book to inspire you - have another look at the videos.  It's up to you whether you paint, draw or use other materials you can find in your house.  To inspire you, I've attached a drawing guide that one class member posted on the Purple Mash blog.  Obviously make sure your art shows the Iron Man.


Take your time - you don't have to finish this today.  It would be great to see some of them on the Micklem Blog!