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Our school journey

Day three 

Today was the day we left the mainland to visit the Isle of Wight.  For some of us, it was the first time on a ferry so the trip was very exciting.  We had a fantastic day which included collecting pebbles and sea glass in Cowes,  fish and chips in the park in Shanklin, a visit to the rock shop and best of all paddling and ice cream sundaes at the beach.  

Day 2 

Today we took part in a whole range of activities.  Raft building was great fun because we got very wet.  Our raft fell apart so we then fell in the pond.  The pond water was smelly and full of tadpoles!  We learnt how to build our raft with barrels, logs and rope.  We had to work as a team, we had great team work and communication.   

Crate stacking was amazing.  It was fun because not only did we have to use team work, we had to use balance.  We were birds! We had to help our group members and the staff who were guiding us through this. 

By Tegan and Lewis 


First day - settling in and keeping very busy