Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


At Micklem, maths is more than just calculations.  Maths is a way of solving problems that we may experience in day-to-day life.  We spend time everyday working on our fluency, the core skills in mathematics, so that we can use these in a variety of ways.  We follow the Herts for Learning Essentials Planning for maths which enables us to consider not only what we know, but why we know it and how we can use it to learn new information.  Our intent is for every child to perceive themselves as mathematicians and encourage children to embrace mistake-making as this supports further learning and understanding.

We don't just teach the tricks...
...we discuss and look at every point of view, even incorrect ones, to understand what steps we need to take.

Bar Modelling


At Micklem, we strive to support every child to access every area of the maths curriculum.  To support children to break down and access trickier problems we have adopted bar modelling as a way of representing questions.  Bar modelling is a tool that can break even the most complex of word questions down into a simple diagram which can then allow the children to use their maths skills to answer them.

Have a look at how word problems can be broken down using a diagram.

Numbots and Times Table Rockstars

All pupils will have access  to a Numbots or Times Table Rockstars account.  This is an online way of practicing key maths skills.  These will be used, on occasion, to set homework, but the best way for it to be used is practicing as much as possible!  Children get the opportunity to test themselves and develop the rockstar status while upgrading their avatar as they go.


Can you become a Rock Hero?!


Below is a list of curriculum expectations for maths; what the children should be learning in each Year group.