Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Friday 3rd

Good morning year 3


A big shout out to Ollie and Elizabeth who have been completing many of the tasks that I've set.  I really liked his penguin he made and Elizabeth's powerpoint about leopards.


Today I would like you to edit and redraft your helicopter crash stories.  Think about what happened to Lawrence.  What caused him to crash?  How was he feeling?  Can you add in fronted adverbials and paragraphs to your writing to make it more interesting?


There are some really tricky activities to complete on multiplication and division.  Please let me know how you get on with them?


Don't forget to look at the work and complete the activities linked to Easter,


I've also included some activities to complete outdoors.  I know many of them you can't do at the moment but could you adapt them and make them indoor activities?


Send me your work - I love getting my daily updates.

Miss you all


Mrs Byrne