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Friday 1st May

Good morning Year 6!


I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you have written so far this week and I hope that you have enjoyed writing it.  I know that some of us are finding ratio a little bit tricky, but fantastic to see so many of you persevering through!  If you haven't finished your work from this week then make sure you have a go at some of it today.  Remember that if you have a piece of work that you are proud of to put it on the blog and if you have any specific questions that I can help with email me as soon as possible.


Your ratio task today is a bit more practical.  I would like you to use a recipe that you have at home or that you find on the internet and use ratio to scale it up or down.  Make sure that you take a picture of whatever it is that you make.


For example if a recipe for a cake says that you need:

- 125g of butter

- 125g of sugar

- 2 medium eggs

- 125g of self-raising flour


How much of each ingredient would you need to make half the amount or three times the amount etc.?


Can you investigate whether the cooking times use the same scaling up or down?  For example: if you double all of the ingredients, do you then double the cooking time?


Make sure that you have an adults help and stay safe!  Make sure that you have fun and enjoy whatever delicious treat you make!  I want to see pictures of your finished treats on the blog!



For English today, I would like you to think about all of the beasts we have looked at and designed this week.  What makes a beast a beast?  Does it have to have four legs?  Does it have to be evil?  Does it have to be created in a laboratory?  I would like a description of what makes a beast a beast.  How is it different to an animal or a human?  What features must all beasts have?  I have used the word beasts a lot in this task to make sure that you stay focused on the fact that I am not looking for a description of a specific beast, but of all beasts.  Beasts beasts beasts beasts beasts beasts.....