Primary School

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Maths - translation and reflection.

Now you've learnt about both of these, can you answer the questions below.

Please take care with each question.  Does it ask for translation (moving) or reflection (mirroring)?  How will you show your answers.

Don't rush to answer all the questions.  Take your time and try to get them correct.

Please, please, please if you can send your answers to so I know who's doing fabulous learning.

The Curse of the Highwayman

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Today I would like you to:
Explain what the glove has done to Zac. How do you know this? What is your evidence?
Write a persuasive letter from Shona to Zac. Convince him to take the glove off.


Please look at the geography section I've put up this week.

Print off the resources for lesson one and complete these.