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Working to Support our Children and Families


As a school, we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of support to our families.  We operate an open-door policy, making staff available to meet with parents before and after school each day to discuss any concerns or issues that they may have.


Where there are more complex concerns, the school has four Designated Senior People, all of whom have had specialist training to work with families to ensure that the best outcomes are reached for every child.  Miss Ormonde is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and she is supported by Mr Swift, Mrs Rawson and Mrs Bordoley, all who have had Designated Safeguarding Lead training.  All staff receive regular training and updates to support them in this role also.


Where children are identified as needing extra help in a certain area, the school will work to ensure that they get this help in a timely manner.  This may be through extra work with our Learning Mentor, through in-class support, or from external professionals such as counsellors.


Mrs Bordoley also works with families to provide support and advice and will also work with the school’s Family Worker, Judi Hardy, where needed.  Judi is available on our school playground for informal chats every Tuesday morning.  See the links below for further information on Judi’s role.


Hertfordshire are also able to offer support through the Families First Portal, which is a directory of support services available within the county.  Again, please follow the link below for more information.

Hertfordshire Local Offer website


 The Local Offer, Hertfordshire’s website for families of young people aged 0 -25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), has a resources area where parents and families can find materials and resources they can use to help their child learn key skills. The resources area specifically looks to support those families whose child has an additional need, but it can be used by any family, and may have certain educational activities that can help any pupil to develop a skill they may be struggling with.

The resources area includes:

• Activity sheets and ideas provided by the Specific Learning Difficulties team, which can help progress in key areas including writing, memory, numbers and spelling

• Practical help for children who are struggling with their mental health, either as a result of COVID19 or more generally

•Help with explaining COVID-19 to younger children and young people with autism, including social stories and easy read documents

• Materials which help young people to develop their independence, including cooking activities • Lots of fun ideas for your children to do independently or as a family at home to encourage them to explore and use their imagination 

Educational Psychology Service 

Due to the current circumstances regarding the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the 'quick queries' service has been expanded across Hertfordshire.

The contact line will be available for all parent/ caregivers, young people (aged 16-25), school staff and professionals Monday to Friday from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.   Please call 01992 588574.

Useful sources of help for parents and carers 

Lenny and Lily Return to School

By Prof Barry Carpenter, Ali Erskine and Jenny Hawkes
illustrated by Charlotte Firmin

Lenny and Lily have had different experiences of the lockdown, but now it’s time for them to return to school. Lily is excited to go back and meet up with her friends again, but Lenny has enjoyed being at home with his family and feels more anxious.

When Lenny and Lily go back to school they both face different challenges. Lenny struggles to reconnect with his friends and find his place in the group. Lily has found home learning difficult and struggles to keep up with the pace of lessons in class.



Lenny and Lily in Lockdown

By Prof Barry Carpenter, Ali Erskine and Jenny Hawkes
illustrated by Charlotte Firmin

Lenny and Lily live next door to each other. Every day they walk to school together and play with the same group of friends.

Then one day their teacher explains there is a pandemic. She tells them it means their school will be closing for some weeks and they will be learning at home. Lenny and Lily feel sad and abandoned.

The story explores Lenny and Lily’s experiences of loss and change in the days of the lockdown, how they develop ways of maintaining their friendship, the challenges of learning at home and the range of emotions they each experience.

Supporting children to talk about lockdown and our return to school

Below are two free books which have been made available to schools and families to support children in talking about their experiences of lockdown and the subsequent return to school.