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Morning Year One

How are you today? Did you have a good weekend?

I've put some work on Purple Mash - Maths counting out money and also some phonics for you to try. 

Have you drawn a picture of a rainbow yet to go in your window?  The children in school have been making them and putting them in the school windows.  See if you can spot them when you go past.  You can see them making the pictures on Micklem's Twitter account.

Have a go at the activities today and maybe look at your favourite book.  Can you draw a new front cover for it?  Who is your favourite character and why?  If you could magic yourself into the book - who would you be?  Can you draw a picture of you in the book as one of the characters?

Or can you draw the view from your bedroom window?  Do you face the street or your garden?  What can you see?  Look carefully to draw the detail.

I have also put some Maths on this website today.  One activity about money and the other a slide from our fluency about positional language - you will recognise the picture.

I'll be in touch again tomorrow,

Mrs Stokley smiley