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Good morning everyone,


Remember to check on the Sports Week page - what is your challenge today?


Wouldn't it be nice to splash around in some water? Do you have anywhere to play in water? Maybe if you get too hot you could have a water fight with someone who want to cool down too! All you need is a washing up bowl of water and a plastic cup, you might need to make up some rules too!


For our learning today, in English I would like you to create a page all about Japan, using the spider diagram you made yesterday yo help you. Remember, you can go back to the power point if you need to. Can you see if you can add something to your fact file that you found particularly interesting? I'm looking forward to reading them!


There are 5 more sports Maths challenges for you to solve today. Read all the problems on the power point and solve them using all your brilliant maths strategies!

How are you getting on with the clues for the Maths Mystery? The last clue will be tomorrow... will you solve the mystery?!


Have a super day and if you need some more active ideas have another look on here


Mrs Cavender smiley