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Thursday 30th

Hello year 4


I hope you are all happy and well.  Did anyone see Sammy the snail on the blog yesterday smiley Maybe he could be my pet.




Today we are going to finish our revision on rounding before we move to a new topic area next week.  Please listen to the video and complete the task on the last slide.  For those looking for more challenge, I have attached a rounding challenge and a couple of different worksheets to get your teeth stuck into.  


Still image for this video



Today's task is to convert yesterday speech into dialogue using the correct punctuation.  Listen to the presentation and write some dialogue based on Yeh Shen or if you prefer you can make up your own characters.  The importance here is that the punctuation around the speech is correct. 

Writing speech dialogue.mp4

Still image for this video



My last activity for today is to have a go at one of these drawings.  I had a go of the sausage dog today and it wasn't too bad.  I'll upload the photo on the blog later.  It only takes 10 minutes and its just a bit of fun but also it is quite amazing how well you can draw anything!  

Have a good day and don't forget you can email me on if you have any questions or on Purple Mash.  


Stay safe.


Mrs Hobbs