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Our Trip to Sky Skills Studios

On Wednesday the 9th 2015 Year 6 and 4 Year 5’s attended Sky Studios, in London. Mr Maher had been trying for a few years to book this trip, it being a very special one. Our topic for our news report was healthy eating and we had to talk about the fat that we had in our diet. There were 4 sections to our news report so we split up into 4 groups and we each got a section of the report. In our English lessons we prepared for the trip by writing scripts and mind maps to help us.


When we arrived at the studio, we were given a tour by a member of staff. The first studio we visited was the sports studio; this was an amazing room with very expensive cameras and lighting. We also saw where the news was read. The studio was made up of four floors, two were called shape, and the others were called make and share.


Finally we got to the studios where we were going to be making our reports.  There were lots of different roles such as Presenter, camera operator, Producer, director, eye witness, experts and the editor. This is what each Job did:

Producer- the Producer was the person in the spotlight. The Producer didn’t take sides and was just neutral.

Director-The director was the person who made the decisions.

Eye witness- The eye witness was the person who saw the event.

Experts-The expert’s role was to talk about the subject as if they know what they are talking about.


We produced the videos in our teams before putting them together to make a full report. We watched this as a group and thought that there were some really funny bits.  We thanked the staff and went to have some lunch.


Before we left, we were given cards which explained the different jobs we could do and each got a USB bracelet which contained a copy of our video.  It was an awesome day!