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Our Budget

Annual financial statement 2018-19 


Deficit for Year£5,451.46
Reserve Brought Forward£152,517.54
Reserve Carry Forward£147,066.08


Our predicted carry forward in the 18/19 budget was £66,332.  At Year End, our reported carry forward was £147,067.  The additional £80,735  is made up of:


Training Savings3,000
R&M, indirect employee costs and Professional Service (non-curriculum)23,235
FSM savings in expenditure5,600
Additional Capital Income13,200
Additional Nursery Funding and Teacher pay rise funding14,300
Additional SEN Funding12,300
Additional Hiring income, Headteacher's Consultancy Work5,900
Income not budgeted for (insurance claims)3,200


Overall there were expenditure savings in teaching staff costs.  This was offset with increases in costs for most other areas of staff costs due to more pupil support required and re-structuring due to long term illness. 

Micklem Primary School has no staff members earning in excess of £100,000.

After School Club showed a very small profit this year although Breakfast Club incurred a loss.  The price of the Breakfast club has been increased and it is intended to break even next year.  It was also noted that trips were not being fully funded by voluntary contributions and it is intended for the school to subsidise each trip in the future if it is economically viable to do so. 

It should be noted that the school is making good use of its resources in increased income from lettings and from the Head Teacher’s role as a Hertfordshire Improvement Partner.   

The additional capital funding is the ‘bits and bobs’ money referred to by the government in their last budget.  It was provided to schools in March and so will be carried forward into the new budget.