Primary School

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Year 3

Stone age REVISED homework! This is the Stone Age homework with the corrections!!

Welcome to Year 3! This is the start of Key Stage 2 and a very exciting year. The children will learn to be much more independent and take more responsibility of their learning.


PE will be on a Monday morning and a Thursday afternoon. We have provided your child with a school PE kit, based on which house group they are in. Your child does need to remember trainers and they can leave these at school with their kit. If you would like your child’s PE kit to wash, please let me know and I can ensure it comes home with them.


Similarly to last year, there will be a homework menu for the children to do each term. This will have 9 different activities to choose from including one idea of their own. I expect this homework to be brought in on the last WEDNESDAY of each term. Don’t worry this will be written on the homework!
If your child is struggling to have ideas or are stuck they are more than welcome to come and speak to any of the teachers about it.

In addition to our topic homework, Year 3 will be getting a spelling activity to do each week. They will be given a special new spelling book to do their activities in.



If you do have any questions or would like to speak to me further about any of this please ask in the office for a meeting and I will be happy to discuss anything you need.


Miss Courtnell, Mrs Waterton and Miss Matthews






This year, we are going to be learning how to play the recorder. The children have already had their first lesson and learnt all about the recorder. The next step is to learn our first song. 

Recorder will be every Tuesday and when the recorder teacher thinks we are ready we will be taking home our recorders! I will put up some photos and videos ASAP!