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Welcome to our School

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. 

We are a ‘good’ school and we constantly strive to be the best we can be.  We believe passionately that every child deserves to have a worthwhile and exciting day at school.  We underpin all learning with rigorous attention to the core skills of reading, writing, maths, scientific understanding and computing.  However we also place a great emphasis on the enjoyment of learning and first hand experiences.   Where we can, we enrich our curriculum with cultural opportunities, trips, workshops and visitors.  We believe strongly in instilling in the children a love of learning. We teach the skills all children need to become independent, confident learners, equipped for whatever the future may hold.  We have developed a growth mindset approach to all we do.  We focus on our five core learning powers to help us be resilient and to enjoy challenges in our learning.  We have a nurturing ethos and through our curriculum and our behaviour policy we encourage our children to develop strategies to improve resilience and to acknowledge their feelings and respect the feelings of others.   Our approach to behaviour is through Hertfordshire STEPS, a therapeutic approach which prioritises pro-social behaviour. 

Our three core themes as a school are continuing to raise achievement and accelerate progress so our children have the best opportunities open to them as learners. Our second core theme is family support, this is providing support for our families when needed but also working with our families so they support our children to make the most of their time in our school.  Our final theme is using our community to support us, to help raise aspiration and add value to our school. It is also about us recognising that we must support our community, whether it be local or global and the value that we as individuals can add as citizens of the world.  British Values are promoted through our systems of student leadership.  Children are introduced to democracy each year with the election of house captains for the four houses we have in school. Each house works together on a range of projects for the benefit of our school or the wider community.    As well as House Captains, we have Junior Travel Ambassadors, our Eco-Council and Sports Leaders. Sustainability and having a positive impact on our environment is an important and developing part of our third core theme.  

Learning outside is very important to us.  Our aim is to play outside everyday regardless of the weather.  This supports the children to reach the active 60 minutes a day that is beneficial for their health and wellbeing.  Unless the weather is dangerous we play outside.  We have fantastic grounds with our own wood and fire circle.  To help us learn to care for wildlife we also have our own pond which we have watched develop and mature since it was built.   We have our own Forest School and as well as taking part in Forest School sessions, children can access the Forest School as part of lunchtime play.  Lunchtimes are purposeful at our school.  We eat in family groups (house groups), children can access a sporting activity, Forest School or our challenging range of play equipment.  We hope to develop a more bespoke quiet space over the next calendar year.  Our Reception and Nursery children have a wonderful space to play and learn with an exciting outdoor area and inviting classrooms. 

We are a cloud based school having moved completely to Google for Education and Arbor for our management information system.  Our communication is generally paperless and consequently a more sustainable way of communicating. Our technology is up to date and our children access chrome books and i-pads during their learning. We aim to use our technology to enhance teaching and learning and enable access for some pupils who may have barriers (such as difficulty in fine motor control for writing).  Children who have been self-isolating have been able to use our chosen platforms Google Classroom (KS2), Seesaw (KS1) and Tapestry (EYFS) to keep up with what is happening in the classroom. 

We believe in creating opportunities to broaden the minds of our children and in the past few years, Micklem pupils have seen ballet at the Royal Opera House, sung in the Royal Albert Hall, seen the Queen in Westminster Abbey, enjoyed a pantomime at a real theatre and visited many museums and historical sites.  We aim to have an exciting experience as a whole school community every two years.   We also pride ourselves on the comprehensive programme of enrichment we offer as a school.  This has been limited during the pandemic however as life returns to normality we currently offer - choir, music club, Forest School, History of Art club, homework club and various sports clubs.  All children can expect to learn an instrument at Micklem Primary School.  Currently our year 3 children learn the ukulele and our year 4 children are learning the cornet.  We provide progression for children who show musicality and enthusiasm and who might not access tuition outside of school.  Consequently we have children learning the clarinet, French horn, trumpet, trombone and guitar.  We celebrate our music annually with a soiree.  We want all our children to have the experience of performance.  As well as our music concert, the children will perform in key stage performances held at Christmas and Summer.   The pandemic has made many of the opportunities we have previously offered to the children challenging and difficult to offer.   However, with the move towards more normality, we are and we will seize every opportunity to restore the wide range of enrichment that is integral to our school.  The children are at the heart of all we do. It is important to us that every child can find something special for them at our school - be it music, sport, art, science, leadership - as well as reaching the highest standards academically.

If you wish to learn more about our school or you are considering choosing us for your child please contact the school office on 01442 408964 or email us at admin@micklem.herts.sch.ukEnjoying Forest School at lunchtime

Best wishes

Mr Swift


Recovering from the impacts of the pandemic

On the children's return to full time school we focussed on 'recovery' and acknowledging the losses that the children had experienced by not being in school.  Although this seems some distance away now, it is important that we don't forget what the children have 'lost' and that we continue to focus on their mental health and wellbeing.