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Welcome to our School

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. 

We are a ‘good’ school and we constantly strive to be the best we can be.  We believe passionately that every child deserves to have a worthwhile and exciting day at school.  We underpin all learning with rigorous attention to the core skills of reading, writing, maths, scientific understanding and computing.  However we also place a great emphasis on the enjoyment of learning and first hand experiences.   Where we can, we take a themed approach to ensure that Geography, History, Art and Design Technology are taught in a meaningful and practical way, often enhanced by visitors or trips.  

We believe strongly in instilling in the children a love of learning. We teach the skills all children need to become independent, confident learners, equipped for whatever the future may hold.  We have developed a growth mindset approach to all we do.  We focus on our five core learning powers to help us be resilient and to enjoy challenges in our learning.  

Behaviour at Micklem is good and we have an ethos that focuses on rewarding positive behaviour in class and around the school.  Older children regularly work and play alongside younger pupils although due to current government guidance our children are playing within their own zones. These change each week meaning every child gets to play on the wide range of equipment and spaces we have in our school grounds.  Our student leaders ensure that every child has a voice and we discuss and make decisions through our four house groups, lead by our house captains.  Our houses help us to enjoy competition through the number of house points earned and in our fiercely fought sports week.  

Learning outside is very important to us.  We have fantastic grounds with our own wood and fire circle(designed by the children).  To help us learn to care for wildlife we also have our own pond which we have watched develop and mature since it was built.   Our Reception and Nursery children have a wonderful space to play and learn with an exciting outdoor area and inviting classrooms.   Our technology is up to date and our children access lap tops and i-pads during their learning.  New for us in September is our Google learning platform.  This is an exciting development for us but will enable us to teach remotely should this be necessary.  We also recognise that it is important to ensure we use the latest technologies and platforms as part of our learning and teaching.

We believe in creating opportunities to broaden the minds of our children and in the past few years, Micklem pupils have seen ballet at the Royal Opera House, sung in the Royal Albert Hall, seen the Queen in Westminster Abbey, enjoyed a pantomime at a real theatre and visited many museums and historical sites.  We aim to have an exciting experience as a whole school community every two years.   We also pride ourselves on the comprehensive programme of enrichment we offer as a school.  Unfortunately we have had to cancel many of our trips due to the COVID-19 pandemic and currently we are unable to offer the level of enrichment which is a feature of our school.  As I write this mid-September we are gradually beginning to widen our curriculum again to be able to re-offer our music provision within the current government guidelines.  We are talking as a staff team about how we can safely bring back the exciting experiences that contribute so much to our curriculum.  We are discovering other ways to learn and to teach.  We will continue to find new ways to enhance our curriculum and maintain the excitement in learning that prevails in our school. 

 It has been wonderful to return as a whole school after such a difficult period.   Our key focus as we return to our normal routines and structures is to ensure recovery and the reconstructing of our curriculum is our first priority.  We recognise that all our community has experienced loss in some way.   We are focusing on the five losses we have all experienced and as a school we recognise that our curriculum must focus on rebuilding following these losses: 

a loss of routine

a loss of structure

a loss of friendship

a loss of opportunity

a loss of freedom

This means we are taking time to allow children to talk about their experience of lockdown should they wish to, time to re-engage with their friends, time to play and to enjoy the outdoors.  We have introduced a new learning power to focus on - resilience and will use this time to help children recognise and develop their own resilience.  Please use the link below to find out more about the 'Recovery Curriculum'. 

Above all your child is at the centre of all we do.   Our three core themes as a school are continuing to raise achievement and accelerate progress so our children have the best opportunities open to them as learners. Our second core theme is family support, this is providing support for our families when needed but also working with our families so they support our children to make the most of their time in our school.  Our final theme is using our community to support us, to help raise aspiration and add value to our school. It is also about us recognising that we must support our community, whether it be local or global and the value that we as individuals can add as citizens of the world.   

If you wish to learn more about our school or you are considering choosing us for your child please contact the school office on 01442 408964 or email us at

Best wishes

  Miss Ormonde