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Community Impact

How can we make a difference to our communities?

We have been taking part in projects to improve our community.  Each House Group has picked a problem that we think we should solve over the coming weeks. 


Red House noticed that some schools have defibrillators to help if someone’s heart stops beating.  We don’t and our nearest one is a few minutes away.  They have managed to work with the PTA to buy a defibrillator which is based in school. We also wrote to our local MP, Mike Penning to ask for his help in changing the way that schools have First Aid equipment.  



Yellow House reflected on our talk from the local MP and have tried to stop the use of plastics in school.  We have managed to make some changes in school which mean that we throw away less plastic; this helps the environment and marine life.  We now use re-usable cups and plates in breakfast club, afterschool club and classes.  We have looked into using different milk containers, with fewer plastic straws.


Below is the letter that we wrote to our local MP and his response.

Green House have looked at parking outside our school and how it could be dangerous for people walking to school or staff leaving.  We have written to the Travel Ambassadors, asking them to help us in this.

Blue House have thought about graffiti in the local area and how we might reduce it.

All of the houses have written letters to local MPs and Councillors, asking them to help us in our quests, to make even more changes that affect more people from the community.