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Playtimes and Equipment

Playtimes and Equipment


Earlier this year, we carried out some Pupil Voice afternoons to look at our playtimes.  We found that people thought:

 - There were not enough games or activities at playtimes.

 - We did not always know where all the staff were if we needed help.

 - Some of the equipment was old and not nice to play on.


We held some meetings to look at this.  Lots of suggestions were given by different houses and we then went to speak to Miss Ormonde and Mr Maher to discuss them.  We we are able to get a budget for our project and then we also met with the PTA who agreed to raise money to fund a new piece of equipment outside.  We worked with Mr Maher to write a letter to the council, who also gave some money.


We met with some playground design companies in November, who helped us to design a piece of outdoor equipment from scratch, given the different ideas from our House meetings.  They gave us different drawings which we then took back and voted on.  The winning design can be seen below.



Using other bits of money, we brought the following things to help too:

 - High vis jackets for staff so that we could easily see them outside.

 - Boxes of play equipment for use on the playground.

 - We have also now got the sports coaches running activities on the playground some lunch times to help us with things to do.