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Wednesday 13th May

Hello year 4


How are you all today?  Did you see on the school blog my strawberries have started to grow?  Have you been growing anything or have you seen any changes outside as we get further into spring?


I have different challenges for you today should you choose to accept them but as usual firstly;



Today we are going to do a little practice on division so simply have a look at the attached sheet and see if you can answer the 3 questions using 2 different methods - example, pictures or numbers.



I have attached a word game starter.  Time yourself 2 minutes and see how many words you can get out of the letter.  What will be the longest word?


This week we have been looking at metaphor and metaphor in poetry.  I have attached a copy of the poem 'The Walrus and the Carpenter' by Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland.  Watch the youtube clip of the poem and see if you can identify any metaphors (you can use the words to help you).  Remember a metaphor is when the writer says something IS something else.  


Finally, I have attached a homophones activity sheet.  If you wish to complete the whole sheet, of course you can, but I would like you to pick at least one sentence and write down the correct homophone.  Remember a homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning.

Alice In Wonderland - The Walrus and the Carpenter

Lets create some music.

It's time to make a kitchen utensil band! Please check with your grownups (and maybe get them to join in too), 


  • Find some suitable items from the kitchen that you think will make some good sounds... like a saucepan, spoon, ladle, spatula, whisk etc.
  • Using a grid separated into four beats (see attached template), make a graphic score showing when each sound is going to be made.

    Try playing each part, then with the help of others in the house, all the parts together.  If you're brave enough record it and we can share it on the website.

Final challenge.


Check out the latest challenge from Young Engineers - you can even send your efforts to them.  Make sure you share on the school blog first though.  smiley


Have a good day.  Stay safe.


Mrs Hobbs