Primary School

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Week 4 (27th April)

Good morning year 3 and welcome to another week of learning. 


This week our learning will be more focused and engaging.  

For Maths this week we are going to be re-visiting unit and non-unit fractions.  To help you do this you can use chocolate (yes really), lego or any other small items you have around your house to support you.


In English we are going to be listening and doing work around the story of Egyptian Cinderella.


For Science we are going to be learning about fossils and how to make simple fossils with things that you have at home.


In Art we are going to create some interesting art collages using pebbles that you find whilst out in the local area.


Please keep emailing me your work and ideas as it's so lovely to hear from you.


You can also add your own pictures and updates on our blog.  It's a really good way of keeping in touch and seeing what other people in the class are doing whilst we are at home.


Here is the link:


Looking forward to hearing from you


Mrs Byrne