Primary School

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Wednesday 6.01.21

6th January 2021


Dear Year One,

Good morning to you whether you are learning at home or in school.  This website kept crashing yesterday so I have put some of the links in this text instead of loading them.  Just highlight and copy and paste into your browser and the page will appear or copy it instead.  Any problems, then let me know.


This term we will be reading lots of Fairy Tales.  This week, I have chosen Jack and the Beanstalk.  Look at the story with your parent and then see if you can make the finger puppets to retell the story.

Then have a go at sequencing the story using the story map.  If you are unable to print these activities, then make your own puppets and draw out the map yourself using the story to help you.   


For Maths, we have some problem solving questions for today and some counting in 2s revision. Get in touch on if you have any problems and I will be happy to help. You are only allowed to have a robot that totals 20 or below.  So you need to pick a head, body and legs add them together and find out the total.  

See if you can find 5 different combinations of robots.


Phonics - see the worksheets.


I hope you enjoy singing the songs that go with the story!



Don't forget to get in touch with school if you would like to change your reading books or go on Oxford Owl: log-in micklem password thanks and find your book band red, yellow etc.


Take care and stay safe smiley

Mrs Stokley