Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Year 5



Welcome to Year 5


This term we are using our imagination to take us back to The Victorians. We have been learning about school life for both the rich and poor families. As well as this we have been learning all about the inventions such as: the telephone, the light bulb and the steam train.




The homework schedule is as follows:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

   GIVEN OUT                               SUBJECT                            DUE IN ON


TUESDAY                                   ENGLISH                              THURSDAY

TUESDAY                                   TIMES TABLES                     THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY

THURSDAY                                TALK HOMEWORK              THE FOLLOWING DAY

FRIDAY                                      MATHS                                MONDAY

FRIDAY                                      SPELLINGS                           THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY


You need to read 3 times a week and get an adult to write in your reading journal to show you have read. 

This term, in PSHE, we have been learning about what makes an effective learner. We decided we would teach our skills to a partner. The skills included: 

Learning different skipping techniques, hula hooping, basketball and football skills,  ventriloquism, tennis skills, learning to play the piano and counting to ten in German!


Everyone did very well and there are photos in our class gallery for you to look at. 

Today in maths we thought we would take advantage of the lovely weather and went outside to make a human bar chart! We decided to ask our class 'What is year 5's favourite ice cream flavour?' We made a tally chart and then created a bar chart- USING OURSELVES! Take a look at our class gallery for all the pictures.

This week we had a visit from K'NEX and learnt that we are all engineers. We were given a huge challenge: to design and create a helmet- with special features for extra points! We worked in pairs and used all of our learning super powers: cooperation, reflectiveness, resourcefulness and perseverence. Go over to our class gallery page to see our end results. 


Well done to Connor and Cameron who won the challenge!

We have been lucky enough to have chicks in our school. This week we learnt about the life cycle of a hen (and had a little cuddle too). Have a look at our class gallery to see our photos.




Maths homework due: 17.03.14